IoBM lays tremendous emphasis on its close collaboration with the government, firms, banks and leading HR consultants so as to ensure appropriate induction of its graduates into such organizations. Close linkages are maintained with CEO’s and Heads of Departments in organizations so as to provide the best career prospects for graduates. Efforts are made to match the talents of students with requirements of both multinational and local organizations.

Emphasis has been placed on the requirement of Career Fair Seminars. They provide a meeting ground between the corporate world and graduates with the provision of resumes to HR representatives where students are selected for jobs against their requirements immediately, or at a later stage since their personal data remains easily available with such organizations for possible employment. In Career Seminars, graduates are given fresh insight into the corporate world with detailed discussions on the writing of resumes and methodology in performing well during interviews.

IoBM’s Internship & Placement Department provides a firm commitment to its graduates for developing careers. This begins from the point the student is inducted and continues with a lifelong partnership. In the past we have assisted our graduates in finding careers for our alumni as well. Some of the activities designed for placing students include, but are not limited to.

Publishing Annual Directory:

MBA graduates are invited to showcase their resumes in IoBM’s annual Graduate Directory. This publication is circulated to about 150 national and multinational companies and is an essential tool for being placed in the market. The Internship & Placement department recently conducted a survey to determine the efficacy of this document. It was found that 62% of the respondents were contacted for interviews and 69% of these were able to secure positions. Companies can easily download IoBM Graduate Directories (year wise) from following link:

Graduate Directory

Internship Program :

The purpose of internship is to provide IoBM students to get relevant corporate experience in reputed organizations. The Internship Program for interns is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real-world experience. For further details please click on link: Internship Program

Employability Enhancement:

Employability Enhancement is a very important consideration for students, graduates and their parents. IoBM has started working on this section, and the department will soon introduce workshops and sessions on Employability Enhancement for our students in which we will highlight the skills of Interviewing, CV writing, professional personality etc. It will help our students & graduates to get good jobs and achieved rapid progression therein.      

Job Announcements:

IoBM’s AP&IC Department manages a database of job opportunities of the reputed companies/ organization in market. These opportunities are communicating on regular basis to our Students, Graduates & Alumni via group mails & notices. IoBM Students, Graduates & Alumni are requested to send their personal e-mail I.D for adding them in group mails.

On Campus Recruitment Drives:

The Department has been able to develop strong relationships with the corporate sector by signing MoUs for Job Placements, co-sponsoring guest lectures and seminars. As a result, companies frequently conduct on-campus recruitment drives. This includes such organizations such as Unilever, P&G, ICI, GSK, Engro, etc.

Career Counseling:

Guidance and counseling is an extremely important aspect of development for young adults at IoBM. With this in mind the team in the Our Department is constantly engaged in assisting students and their parents in the entire process of preparing for and actually finding jobs for them.

Workshops Related to Career Management:

The department has recently introduced periodic in-house workshops such as interviewing techniques, resume writing, behavior patterns in organizations, etc. the complete structure about this feature will be announced soon.

Career Fairs:

At the end of 2009, the department organized a Career Fair, inviting organizations engaged in their recruitment cycle to make company presentations and answer questions from students. This day long event was managed in collaboration with students and received widespread appreciation. The department envisages this as an annual event not for only interactive sessions between students and the corporate world, but also for providing resumes for either immediate employment, in case jobs are available with the organization concerned, or resumes being kept pending by organizations for jobs whenever such an opportunity arises.

Exchange Programs for Students:

IoBM has its International Cooperation Department that works under the supervision of the President of IoBM. The Department is successfully managing execution of Academic Collaboration on bilateral and multilateral terms with a large number of universities in Europe, Asia and U.S.A.

For further details about students exchange please visit:
Exchange Program

Visit By Corporate Top Management:

Recognizing the importance of networking and relationship management, the Department frequently invites industry professionals for lectures, conferences and corporate events. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to establish a strong and lasting contact base before graduation to ensure that they are able to get positions in the industry and business organizations.


For Further details & queries you may contact the IC, P&A Department

For Placements: Tel: (+92-21) 111-002-004, Ext: 261
Graduates / Alumni’s are advice to send following details for addition in group e-mails for Job opportunities

Name, Student I.D, Program, Year of Graduation