The purpose of internship is to provide IoBM students to get relevant corporate experience in reputed organizations. The Internship Program for interns is designed to provide students with the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real-world experience. Thus making them immediately useful to the organizations they join upon graduation. Real-world experience is aligned to the courses studied by students. Such experience is of vital importance to students in two main areas

Gain Valuable Work Experience in the Chosen Field of Interest

An internship is a great way to gain hands on work experience, develop specific skills and knowledge as well as to network with people from the students’ chosen field. Moreover, employers assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees by evaluating their previous experience. Students pursue career-related opportunities prior to graduation, thereby, obtaining an edge over other candidates in the competitive job market.

Decide on Right Careers Prior to Graduation

An internship provides a more accurate picture of what individuals do in certain professions. After experiencing a particular job environment and observing what it entails, students may decide if this is the right career for them. The internship is compulsory for all MBA, BBA, and BS final year students, and has a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks. Executive students are exempted from the internship program as they are already on the job.

Who Is Eligible

MBA: Minimum CGPA = 2.8 Semesters of Study Completed at IoBM = Two

BBA / BS (Honors): Minimum CGPA = 2.4 Semesters of Study Completed at IoBM = Six

  • MBA & BBA (Honors) students having completed the Methods in Business Research (MBR) course.
  • The Institute selects suitable organization for internship of the student.
  • A student has to select and write a case study on problems faced by the organization or department where the student interns and suggest workable solutions based on the courses studied.
  • Students are required to explain in their report how the internship enriched their learning by identifying theories and concepts studied in class and their application in relation to their experience in the organization of internship. Reports are graded as follows:

A – Grade = 3.89 points       B – Grade = 3.33 points

Grades lower than ‘B’ are considered ‘satisfactory’ and are not awarded any marks. Interns who fail to get a passing grade (CGPA) are required to re-write their reports.

  • Reports are required to be submitted by an intern within two weeks of completion of the internship.
  • All sponsoring organizations are requested to evaluate the intern’s performance on a prescribed form which is discussed with the intern so as to focus on his/her strengths and weaknesses. The form is mailed by the organization to the AP&IC Department of IoBM.

Requirements for Internship

Following are the requirements to complete the Internship:

  1. Start of Internship:

Submission of Internship Offer letter and Supervisor’s Visiting Card is mandatory to be submitted immediately (within First Week) in person for discussion

Following details should be intimated immediately (within First Week) of Internship started in a particular Organization.

  • Student Name:                                                                                                             
  • Student ID:                                                                                                                    
  • Organization Name:                                                                                                    
  • Organization Official Address:                                                                                  
  • Organization CEO Name, Contact Number & Email ID:                                         
  • HR Head Name:                                                                                                           
  • HR Head Email ID:                                                                                                       
  • HR Head Contact:                                                                                                       
  • HR Coordinator Name:                                                                                               
  • HR Coordinator Email ID:                                                                                           
  • HR Coordinator Contact:                                                                                            
  • Name of Department where you are serving:                                                         
  • Supervisor Name:                                                                                                        
  • Supervisor Designation:                                                                                             
  • Supervisor Email ID:                                                                                                    
  • Supervisor Contact:                                                                                                     
  • Duration of Internship (Start and Ending dates):                                                    
  1. Internship Completion Letter/Certificate:

It is the responsibility of the concerned internee to submit Internship Completion Letter/Certificate after Internship Completion.

  1. Soft copy of Internship Evaluation Form (attached):

It is the responsibility of the concerned internee to persuade the supervisor to fill the Internship Evaluation Form, get it sealed as ‘confidential’ and mail / courier to HOD – Internships and Placements, Institute of Business Management, Ibrahim Hyderi Road, Korangi Creek, Karachi.

  1. Soft copy of Employer Survey Form (attached):

It is the responsibility of the concerned internee to persuade the head of HR Department to fill the Employer Survey Form, get it sealed as ‘confidential’ and mail / courier to HOD – Internships and Placements, Institute of Business Management, Ibrahim Hyderi Road, Korangi Creek, Karachi.

  1. Submission of Internship Report (As per soft copy of guidance attached):
  • Report should be submitted in the Hard & Soft Copy within 14 days after the completion of internship. Late submission will not be accepted and the said internship would stand cancelled.
  • Submission of Report Soft Copy is mandatory.
  • All Reports will be checked through Turnitin Software to calculate plagiarism in your report.
  • If your report, after evaluation is not found according to the given guidelines by the Internships & Placements Department then you have to rewrite this internship report as per instructions of the HOD Internships & Placements Department and guidance given by concerned HOD / Faculty.
  1. Report Grade:

Internship Report will be forwarded to HOD of respective Academic Department after review by the HOD Internships & Placements.

Guidelines for Internship (Instructions for Internees & Companies)

  1. Internship will be for a minimum of six / seven continuous weeks without any interruption except the week end off day (s) in the respective organization. Therefore, students are not allowed to attend classes during their internship period exception Saturdays & Sundays. If Saturday is the organization’s working day, permission must be obtained from your supervisor & the shortfall should be made up to complete the required period of internship. In case of absence (s) for any reason, please inform the organization in advance & also intimate the Internships & Placements Department accordingly
  2. Internship will be allowed only in organizations approved by the Internships & Placements Department, and change of organization without department’s permission, is not allowed
  3. Interns should provide the photo copy of the internship offer letter, supervisor’s details, location, telephone number & email address of the organization & other details within one week after starting internship
  4. All interns are required to write a report based on the given guidelines (attached)
  5. If you need any further guidance about how the report should be written, please consult the HOD of your concerned field of specialization.
  6. Remember, report submitted by the intern after two weeks of the internship’s completion, will stand time bard & will not be acceptable.
  7. Interns will personally ensure that the hard copy of Intern’s Evaluation and Employer Survey Form is completed by the sponsoring organization by the end of internship period and sent to the Institute by mail or courier.

Note: Only those internships will be considered valid for graduation, which is graded as at least satisfactory and also supported with a reasonably good evaluation by their supervisor of the sponsoring organization.

Announcement of Internship

IoBM’s AP&IC Department manages a database of Internship opportunities of the reputed companies / Organization in market. These opportunities are communicating on regular basis to our Students via group mails, notices.

Organizations offering Employment/ Internship to IoBM Graduates/ Students

Our graduates and students are employed and have done internships in over 400 plus National & Multinational companies:
List of Companies

On Campus Recruitment Drives

The Department has been able to develop strong relationships with the corporate sector by signing MoUs for Internship, co-sponsoring guest lectures and seminars. As a result, companies frequently conduct on-campus re cruitment drives. This includes such organizations such as Unilever, P&G, ICI, GSK, Engro, etc.

Supervision of Internees:

For the purpose of internee’s supervision, our departmental team members visit organizations where our students are doing Internship to inquire about performance of the internee.

Official Spring Internship
Download the following attachments
  • Announcement for Spring 2020 Internship
  • Internship Form
  • CV-format (as per IoBM requirement)
  • Internship Report Guidelines (as per IoBM requirement)
  • Intern Evaluation Form
  • HEC Employer Survey Form
Contact Details:

For Further details & queries you may contact the IC, P&A Department

For Internships: Tel: (+92-21) 111-002-004, Ext: 430